BA (Hons) – Business Studies (Top-up degree)

What you will study

During this ‘top up’ course you will examine core aspects of business such as business strategy and communication, whilst also getting the chance to conduct a real investigation into a business problem that allows you to apply your business acumen to a real life scenario.

Subjects Offered

  • Business Communication
  • Business Research
  • International Business
  • Business Strategy
  • International Culture and Communications
  • Ethics and Sustainability – Theory and Practice

Unicaf offers a number of scholarships to eligible students. For more information, please contact a Unicaf student adviser

 ‘Top-up’ Bachelor Business Degree from the University of
South Wales

With a Unicaf scholarship you can study online for a BA (Hons) Business Studies top-
up degree from the University of South Wales.

The Unicaf Scholarship Programme allows you to enroll in Unicaf University’s BA in Business Administration or the BSC Hospitality management programme, then transfer to the University of South Wales BA (Hons) Business Studies top-up course, and graduate with a UK degree.
The USW ‘top up’ course examines core aspects of business, such as business strategy, research, communication and encourages students to apply their newly acquired knowledge and skills to real life business problems they encounter at work, in search of the best possible solution.

The University of South Wales degree you will receive will be identical to the degree issued to the on-campus students and has the same value to potential employers. You can even take part in the University’s graduation ceremony, together with on-campus students.

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