MA Education (Innovation in Learning and Teaching)

The MA Education (Innovation in Learning and Teaching) is a flexible programme, designed to meet the professional needs of individual learners. Students will have the opportunity to engage critically with the theories and practices of education with a view to applying learning to practice. The MA Education is well established and is regularly updated in order to reflect the changing needs of current and future participants.

Educational Aim

  1. To widen the options available and encourage in-depth development of personal and professional areas of interest.
  2. To enable learners to identify, design and carry out research activities which include opportunities for considerable self-direction.
  3. To contribute to the body of knowledge and understanding relevant to education.

Unicaf offers a number of scholarships to eligible students. For more information, please contact a Unicaf student adviser

  • "I undoubtedly recommend it. Given the fact that I have three kids of my own to pay the school fees for, The Unicaf Scholarship was a huge help for me in making the decision to apply for the MA Education. I am thrilled to be part of the University of South Wales and I am looking forward to learning more."
  • "My experience was flawless and indeed I received all the information I needed. Their scholarship programme made it possible for me to keep my job and earn a Masters degree in Education at the University of South Wales without moving away from my country or family."
  • Mrs. Kaltrina Rexhepi, Tanzania
  • Christabel Tsoto, Zimbabwe
  • MA Education, student
  • MA Education, student
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