MBA – Master of Business Administration

This dynamic MBA course will be of interest if you are in, or aspire to, a senior managerial position and will build the vision and skills needed in today’s environment.

In today’s business climate, it’s important to have the necessary vision and skills to set yourself apart from the competition. This challenging and dynamic course is aimed at current or aspiring managers, and builds on a strong ethos of helping managers to solve real problems. It is designed for professionals who will make a strategic difference to the organisations in which they operate.

The MBA programme of study introduces innovative business theory in a practical context. You will learn how to integrate cutting-edge research and practice across all key business areas to achieve business transformation, whether you work in a public or private sector organisation.

During the MBA course, you will develop key leadership skills such as creativity, innovation, collaboration and problem solving. The MBA is grounded in principles that underpin business today and will give you a fresh strategic approach to the issues managers face.

What you will study

This challenging course will expose you to all areas of business through a diverse range of modules. You will study core areas of business with an emphasis on the strategic nature of decision-making. A critical part of the University of South Wales’s MBA is exploring how people impact on business thinking and the systems that can enhance this fundamental part of an organisation.

Educational Aim

The course aims to:

  1. Develop the knowledge and skills necessary for successful strategic leadership performance, within the context of dynamic local and global challenges
  2. Enhance the ability to source, analyse and critically appraise all types of business data and practice
  3. Develop flexible strategies for satisfying diverse stakeholder and partner demands across the whole supply chain and other value adding systems
  4. Integrate cutting-edge strategic research and practice to achieve business transformation
  5. Engender a spirit of critical enquiry and environment that fosters lifelong learning and continuous personal and professional development
  6. Develop skills of entrepreneurial leadership such as creativity, innovation, collaboration, risk taking, etc

Unicaf offers a number of scholarships to eligible students. For more information, please contact a Unicaf student adviser

MBA Testimonials

  • "I was able to get through quite well. Online support responds very quickly to follow up my inquiries , it is very efficient. I am certain as I go along I will see significant improvements in my career."
  • "Unicaf Scholarship Programme makes learning affordable and available. So, I recommend it to anyone seeking quality further studies, but is constrained by finance, time or both."
  • "Thanks to the Unicaf Scholarship Programme, I have the opportunity to study for an MBA at the University Of South wales and use this knowledge to assist my company to achieve its goals."
  • Cheslie La Force, St.Lucia
  • Adimonyemma Ifeanyi David, Nigeria
  • Hezron Muia, Gambia
  • MBA, student
  • MBA, student
  • MBA, student
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