MSc Psychology

This unique course encourages sophisticated critical appraisal of current key debates in applied psychology.  By completion of this course students will be able to demonstrate critical evaluation of Psychology’s contribution to human performance and well-being in different applied contexts and also develop advanced research skills in applied psychology.


This course applies to a broad range of sectors and is designed for anyone wishing to understand more about the underpinning psychological research and mechanisms for employees, organisations and business practices.

Learning Outcomes

  • Sophisticated critical awareness of key theories and methods in applied psychology,
  • Deep critical understanding of how Psychology can be applied in real-world contexts.
  • Advanced knowledge of research methods and statistics in applied psychology.
  • Ability to appraise the efficacy of different interventions to promote psychological well-being and performance.
  • Comparison, evaluation and application of theoretical perspectives in applied psychology.
  • Generation of hypotheses and research questions.
  • Translation of theory into professional practice and applied research.
  • Application of psychological research methods to a novel research topic.
  • Planning and execution of an original piece of research.
  • Ability to identify and address ethical and professional issues in applied psychology.
  • Sensitivity to contextual and interpersonal factors.
  • Demonstrating an independent and flexible approach to learning.

Unicaf offers a number of scholarships to eligible students. For more information, please contact a Unicaf student adviser

  • "The experience was great. I had good feedback and excellent guidance. i'm positive the knowledge gained will be useful. I do not regret taking this course and i recommend others to take it too."
  • Allain Pierre, Seychelles
  • MSc Business Psychology, student
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