The Unicaf London Conference 2017

The Unicaf London Conference 2017 was a truly inspirational meeting. Student participants from over 40 different countries met with officials, academics and administrators from Unicaf and partner universities in the majestic setting of one of  the most historic London hotels.

Testimonials from USW/Unicaf students

Tongia Cunningham, Jamaica
 “I am doing an MBA, the experience is great. I work at a school, in the administrative department and the MBA so far has helped me start performing better at my job”

Kennedy Mwashi, Kenya
 “I enrolled for an MBA in January 2017. From my experience it has been quite comfortable working and studying, because it is very flexible, I am able to balance my work and my studies”

Collin Haynes, USA
 “The MBA is more than just a degree… You are coming out more equipped with different tools.. to be better as a professional”


Anthony Awusaku, Nigeria
 “I always wanted to do a post graduate in an internationally recognised university. Since I enrolled for the MSc Business Psychology, I’ve been finding the courses, the strategies, the planning, everything very interesting”

Dwight Baker, Jamaica
 “I have been having a wonderful experience in the MBA programme so far. I like the flexibility, being able to study anywhere. The programme helps equip me to better perform my managerial tasks at my job”

Dr Kevin Andrews, Vice Chancellor, Unicaf University
 “The ethos of the partnership is to provide accessible higher education to underprivileged audiences, globally but principally through the Unicaf Scholarship scheme in Africa”

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